About Dunkirk Realty

Dunkirk Realty is a commercial real estate investment firm that is based on Long Island, New York.

Founded over 30 years ago, Dunkirk Realty has owned and operated millions of square feet across the United States.

We have been rapidly growing during the past few years, the firm’s portfolio has significantly increased in size and value through acquisitions, leasing, capital improvements, and changing market conditions. Dunkirk Realty is an aggressive purchaser, constantly seeking to acquire properties to add to its portfolio.

As opposed to a passive real estate investor, we are a proactive group with a proven track record.  We have extensive experience in construction and capital improvements, property management, LLC management, aggressive leasing, site inspections, and the like.

Dunkirk Realty acquires properties within itself along with investment partners, providing outstanding returns on various holding periods.  Our partners include local and foreign insurance companies, pension funds, private equity groups, and high net worth individuals.